Welcome To EastBayKart

EastbayKart is a B2B and B2C e-commerce platform. And operated by EastBayKart Infosolution Pvt Ltd We sell products to consumers on our own web and app.

B2B: B2B stand for Business to Business’, and is used to refer to transactions between two companies. So, a wholesale manufacturer selling to a retailer is engaging in B2B ecommerce.

B2C: B2C stand for ‘Business to Customer’, When Target sells products via their website, they’re engaging in B2C ecommerce — because they’re selling to customers.

Our vision is to accelerate the next 150 million Indian consumers into the online transaction economy.

  • SECURE SHOPPING:Shopping on our website is 100% safe and secure as we do not store complete details or payment information of your credit/debit card in our system. This is information is directly transmitted securely to the bank for payment processing. However, caution must always be taken by the customer while making transactions on any online venue.
  • FREE RETURNS:We follow a policy that is – "We are responsible for what we sell". We offer free and easy returns on most of the merchandise bought online. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return the items via a courier pick up or exchange them in any of our stores across India.